Trading and procurement business in emerging markets

What matters are the people operating in the area and the information obtained.

LOV quickly ensures clear and pragmatic answers to understand whether it is appropriate to show on a given market, with which product and at what price.

We mainly operate in the Balkans and in the countries of sub-Saharan Africa, doing business procurement and market analysis .Business procurement and market analysis

For each new product, we carry out a survey in the targeted market, to test features, verify its saleability, then build a price policy for it, taking into account the competitors established there, but also considering customs duties, transport costs and logistics.

For the above-mentioned reasons we are ideal partners for Italian Companies that want an analysis about all possible advantages before approaching emerging markets.

For some of these Companies, we have become Agents, for others, we are Dealers, for others Companies we are Brokers,with the duty to spot the individual product or Italian or European Companies with the targets that suit them most.

Many years of work abroad allowed us a huge professional knowledge and we are pleased of being known as serious and reliable people.

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