Product repositioning

We identify an alternative placement or an alternative target for those products that Companies have on stock and cannot sell.
Every time we come up with something different.

The network developed by LOV allows small and medium-sized Companies to significantly increase the opportunities of selling their goods on stock (slow-mover products, second-choice ones or unattractive to a given market). This is what we mean by product repositioning. Product repositioning

We check the technical and aesthetic characteristics and available quantities; we analyze the most appropriate short-term actions and then begin to promote the products through an alternative sales channel in Italy or, as it often happens, in other foreign markets.

Once the potential buyer has been identified, we submit a quotation based on the quantity of the given lot and, if everything is well thought out, the bargain is closed with a short negotiation.
The product repositioning of LOV does improve overall efficiency of an SME.

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