The consumer has always based its purchase choices on requirements such as aesthetics, quality, utility and today also on sustainability. These are the criteria by which LOV selects its own partners.

Brionvega is the Italian brand that has marked the history of electronics and international Design, so much so that they got a place of honour for some creations at the MOMA in New York.

Each one of us has a dream. The history of Jacuzzi was born out of this, from the energy and innovative spirit of Friulian emigrants; these people started by inventing a special whirlpool pump for therapeutic purposes, and ended up by developing collections of wellness products, which would become real status symbols later on. Hydromassage is Jacuzzi.

Considering contemporary furniture, Adattocasa is synonymous with innovation and design applied to bathrooms, an example of successful evolution of the Company, where the backstage of subcontracting brought to the fore a concept of integrated elements for the bathroom. The collection is wide and varied, and in addition to furniture, it includes sanitaryware, faucets, and shower room, all perfectly displayed in the concept store of Gorgo al Monticano – TV.

Metalco is the undisputed leader in the field of street furniture and outdoor area; they offer the wider range of products available for immediate delivery, solutions designed by internationally renowned designers for the most beautiful squares in the world. The one word for luxury, innovation and sustainability is METALCO.

Aiming to reinvent the concept of outdoor spaces, In-materia is an Italian start-up who offers new scenes of everyday life. The “Open-Door” collection, which is composed of show-cooking, grill and bar solutions, living-areas, lounge, sun beds, showers and gazebos, allows you to live outdoor without forgoing comfort.

The planning and coordination of the concept is now the custom, while the choice of materials, such as stainless steel, aluminium, wood, concrete and techno-fabrics allow customization.

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